Thank you for your informative and entertaining workshop with our teaching staff last week. My expectations were met totally and feedback
from our staff was very positive. In fact they'd like more, especially more stories and poems!  In that vein I'd like to further explore with you an opportunity to be a featured storyteller at our annual Family Literacy Fun Night.
~Cathy Palzkill, Kitsap Community Resources
    Child Development Staff Training Coordinator

The Mountaineers Kitsap Branch Salmon Safari program is delighted to have Jo Walter as our resident storyteller. Her ability to connect to students and grab their attention with her stories is a valuable addition to our program. We would definitely recommend her to anyone with storytelling needs.
~Dr. Katha Miller-Winder, Executive Director~

  "A Story about a Storyteller"
The first time I was near Jo Walter when she was telling a story to children, I did not realize it because I could not hear. My allergy problems had invaded my ear canals to the point that people had to shout at me, face to face. I was seated behind Jo tending to some paperwork when I momentarily glanced up and saw the faces of about 18 children attending Farm Camp. They were her audience. I immediately popped my head back up to see what their eyes were so intensely glued upon. Their faces were a medley of expressions and they were staring straight at Jo. This lasted for several minutes. I watched as one child got up to get a drink of water and she walked as if in a trance, holding her attention to Jo. Hmm, I thought. So afterward, I asked Jo what that was all about and she said, "oh, it was story time." I asked what time that would occur for the next session and when that time came, I was seated in the front row. At the conclusion, I immediately asked her to perform for our fall events.

I like to make people happy - especially children - and I knew this woman had a real talent to share and it, too, would make people happy. Understanding the power of Jo's storytelling really began with the enraptured eyes and faces of happy children on a day when I couldn't hear a word!

~Nikki Johanson,  Pheasant Fields Farm~

Storytelling at the Children's Festival of Art, in Port Townsend, WA, is challenging because of all the activity and noise distractions. Jo met these challenges with composure, captivating the flow-through audience of variegated children and adults, while she wove story after story. Jo was just happy to be there and to be telling stories. Her presence with children demonstrated experience and a heroine-like command of the scene. We were fortunate to have her there.
~Charise Diamond, Entertainment Director of the Children's Festival of Art, March 2006~

 Jo Walter is a masterful story teller. She kept our diverse crowd of adults spellbound. What I liked best was that she asked about our group, then customized her story selection to fit our needs. We will not hesitate to use Jo again in the future.
~Chuck Kraining, Conference Coordinator, Seabeck Christian Conference Center~

Jo Walter is a wonderful storyteller. I worked with her on an adults only evening that was just spectacular. She can put together an event for either your living room or a theatre space. She's charming, funny, sexy, and scary. So perk up that next special event with her grand stories. You'll have a lot of fun.
~Elizabeth Huddle, former Artistic Director, Intiman Theatre (Seattle)~

 I have two bright, active, and somewhat obstreperous sons. As ďpreacherís kids,Ē they sometimes act up at church. That is, unless Jo Walter is telling a story.

Itís amazing to see Jo work. The room goes still, and kids from 3 to 93 sit still, absolutely enraptured. Her energy and artistic vision light up the room. She invites participation and reflection and encourages growth and learning. However, you donít even notice, because youíre having so much fun!
~Liz Stevens, Minister, Kitsap Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Bremerton~

The students and adults with us had a wonderful time yesterday! WE all learned so much about salmon, storytelling, and ourselves. From the student who thought he was going to die on the trail (seriously) ... to the student sitting in the rocking chair with her eyes closed listening to the story (she didnít miss a word!). I have to admit I was a little worried about the storyteller part as I have some students who struggle with being quiet and sitting still but both groups were absolutely enthralled with this art form and many of their verbal reflections centered around the story tellingÖ. Thank you so much.
~Donna Chang, 6th and 7th Grade Science, First Creek Middle School~